Why Take 2


Take 2's leadership is comprised of electronics recycling pioneers.  Yes, I said pioneers!  This is a young and still emerging industry.  Ten years in this business is like being the old wise man of the village.  We’ve been doing what we do for over 10 years and have established ourselves as environmental stewards who have forged a path for standards development within the electronics recycling and asset management industry.  We are experienced serving private enterprise, government, educational, legislative, and original equipment manufacturers. 


There’s real value in extending the life of your IT equipment that goes beyond the share of revenue from the sale of those assets.  We are a culture that loves to buy new stuff and we like to have the latest and greatest new gadgets and gizmos.  Extending the life of your gently used equipment through reuse can offset some or all of the costs associated with data destruction and recycling of end of life equipment.  Many businesses have complete reuse, recycling, and data security programs that are cost neutral.  That’s real value - a win for your company and a win for the planet.

The Environment

If you’re going to pursue reuse and recycling of your IT equipment instead of throwing it all in the trash, then you should make sure that the result is better for the environment than simply tossing that stuff in the trash.  What do I mean by that?  Not all recycling and reuse partners are created equal.  It’s important to know that we only sell equipment and parts that are fully tested and functioning and that we only use domestic processors for potentially hazardous components of electronics.  We maintain a no export and no landfill policy and we adhere to the strictest standards for security and environmental, health, and safety in the industry.